Art's Cafe

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Art's Cafe is one of those local gems that now with the popularity of Yelp everyone knows about, but even with its growing popularity the taste and quality is still awesome.  This small greasy spoon is counter seating only and often has a line outside, but the line moves really fast due to placing the order while still in line.  Love the efficiency!  Not only does Art's Cafe serve possibly the best hash browns in the city, but it also serves Korean foods, like bi bim bop.  Still the most popular things are the omelets and hash brown sandwiches.

The hash brown sandwich come with toast with a random selection of jam.
Hashbrown sandwiche at Art's Cafe-  2013 7x7 SF's Top 100 Eats
Two eggs served any way you like sit on the side of the the massive hash brown sandwiches.  The hash browns are served super, super crispy, but can be made a little more "potatoey" if you prefer.  They are served almost like an omelet stuffed with mushrooms, hot sausage, and spinach inside.  Avocado (a must!)can also be added.

There are a couple other hash brown sandwiches to choose from, but don't feel restricted because they can be somewhat customized as well.  This one was the sausage and onions, but without onions.  Also, added mushrooms and avocado too. 

Address:                   Art's Cafe
                                  747 Irving St.
                                  San Francisco, CA

Type:                         Korean/brunch

Popular chomps:       hash brown sandwich
                                   samurai omelet
                                   bi bim bop                                   

Chomp worthy:         hash brown sandwich       

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