Dosa Republic

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The creators of The Dosa Republic are the same owners as Curry Up Now (see post HERE).  First of all, this restaurant is in the most obscure area of San Mateo.  Since Curry Up Now has a location in downtown San Mateo, I somehow thought that this restaurant would be close by.  Instead its located on a random area of a desolate stretch of El Camino.  Same shtick as Curry Up Now in that it takes a fusion approach to Indian food, except in dosas.  Dosa are thin crepes that are often stuffed with curry potatoes, spinach (saag), and other vegetables.

Personally, I love dosas.  Their crispy exterior with my usual curry potato filling (masala) is kind of like taking a bite of heaven.  I actually don't think there are enough good dosa places in the Bay Area, my favorite being Dosa (see post HERE).  One gripe about the dosas here are they are soggy and not crisp at all.  Not even the edges.  The flavors are okay, but it could definitely use more heat!  The sambar is also too watery and doesn't have much flavor.

The fun feature about Dosa Republic are its fusion take on dosa.  I think its best to come with a larger group so there are more dishes to share and try.  With so many fusion options, its hard to choose one.  The jamaican jerk dosa comes with chunks of pork belly mixed with potatoes.  Even though the actual dosa was soggy and disappointing, the pork belly was quite tasty and tender.

Address:                     The Dosa Republic
                                    2299 S. El Camino Real
                                    San Mateo, CA
Type:                           Indian

Popular chomps:         thaali
                                     jamaican jerk dosa
                                     masala dosa

Chomp worthy:            jamican jerk dosa    

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