Los Manguitos

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Finding all these Mexican dessert spots makes me wonder why can't I find any in the city?  Los Manguitos is a welcome sight on Middlefield Road, where its densely populated with taquerias and taco trucks.  While the parking and driving situation to get here is not pleasant on the weekends, I think this place is worth the hassle!  

The interior is sparse and colorful and very similar to most of the Mexican ice cream shops I've visited in the Bay Area - United Paleteria in San Jose (see post HERE), Nieves Cinco de Mayo (see post HERE).  Out of all of them, I think this is probably the best I've had so far.
Los Manguitos has mangonadas as well as tostilocos.

The menu of popsicle (paletas) flavors!

The case of delicious and gorgeously crafted popsicles.  Check out the one with the sliced kiwi!

Although this fresca de leche (strawberry & milk) popsicle doesn't look like anything special, its amazing!  Possibly the best popsicle I've ever tasted.  The strawberry doesn't just taste like a strawberry, it tastes like its made with the ripest, freshest, juiciest strawberries.  I only wished that I saved some room in my stomach to try more flavors!  I'll definitely be back to check out more of these $2 frozen fruity treats.

The fresca con creme (strawberries with cream) is also another popular sweet here.  I don't recall seeing this at any of the other ice cream spots so I had to try it out.  The taste is similar to a strawberry parfait, it even has granola sprinkled on it.  The cream is a little sweeter than normal yogurt.  Layers of fresh strawberries and cream are alternated and then topped with coconut, raisins, and granola for some added texture.  Its good, but I'd go back for the popsicles, they are a must eat here.

Address:               Los Manguitos
                              3133 Middlefield Rd.
                              Redwood City, CA
Type:                     Mexican/dessert/ice cream

Popular chomps:   paletas (popsicles)
                               fresca con crema

Chomp worthy:      paletas
                               fresca con crema         

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