Sugar & Spun

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Three times a charm!  Finally after two failed attempts to locate Sugar & Spun at the SOMA street park, I got to taste this adult version of cotton candy.  Sugar & Spun puts their creative take on cotton candy, which I have to say is kinda genius.  From Four Barrel coffee flavor to cheesecake, they've reinvented a childhood sweet snack.

They don't make the actual cotton candy on the spot (which I think would have been kinda cool to see).  Instead they come in premade large containers.  Today there were four choices to choose from: cookies & cream, four barrel coffee, salted chocolate peanut butter, and polyvron.  With a couple samples of salted chocolate peanut butter, I have to say I was in awe by how delicious and true to flavor these cotton candy treats were.

Cookies and Cream was fluffy and resembled a very cookie and cream flavor.

Just upon opening the four barrel coffee flavored cotton candy, I could smell the strong coffee flavor.  It tastes just like coffee. Love the totally fun take on cotton candy.

Address:                  Sugar & Spun
                                 San Francisco, CA
Type:                       dessert/sweets

Popular chomps:     four barrel coffee
                                salted chocolate peanut butter

Chomp worthy:       four barrel coffee
                                salted chocolate peanut butter  

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