Crepe Temptations

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The order was already placed before I realized Crepe Temptations has a custom menu, where you can build your own crepe with toppings such as gummy bears, bacon, and even cornflakes.  Even more awesome, is that you can customize how crunch you want the crepe to be made (extra crunchy, of course).  I'll have to go back to concoct my own special creation, but for now I just had to enjoy my red velvet crepe.  Still on my red velvet kick from the red velvet latte at Bitter + Sweet (see post HERE), I had to get the red velvet crepe.  Large slices of red velvet crepe stuffed with vanilla ice cream and topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream.  Loved the creativity of this place, but the crepe was on the soggy side, most likely due to all the ingredients stuffed inside.  Next time I'll have to ask for extra crunchy, no matter what.

There are a couple other cake stuffed in a crepe type options.  Tiramisu is another one.  Four slices of tiramisu cake layered around mint chocolate chip ice cream (you can pick whatever flavor ice cream you want) and then topped with whipped cream.  I do think the actual crepe at Genki Crepes (see post HERE) have a better taste and texture, but the creativity of all the crepes here make it a must repeat spot, not to mention its open till midnight.

Address:                  Crepe Temptations
                                 2575 Judah St.
                                 San Francisco, CA
Type:                       dessert

Popular chomps:      mango crepe
                                 red velvet
Chomp worthy:        red velvet crepe       

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