Sacred Wheel

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Although its says Cheese Shop on the building, its actually called Sacred Wheel.  Sometimes the best dishes need to come straight from the source!
Tons of cheeses to buy and look at while you wait for your food to be made.
Lots of cheesy stuff to choose from!  From mac and cheese to grilled cheese!

Grilled cheese and tomato soup is just one of those natural combinations.  I've never really found tomato soup very interesting or special until I slurp up this one.  Seriously, the best tomato soup I have ever had.  Not sure if it has to do with the random fact that they make it with Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) beer.  It looks so simple, but its slightly chunky with a strong tomato flavor, but best of all its spicy.  The grilled cheese is perfectly toasted with gooey cheese with made it great for dipping into the tomato soup.
I've had a good amount of mac and cheese recently, but nothing like this one.  Usually I've found that mac and cheese when layered with multiple components are rarely all hits.  Homeroom's whimsical mac and cheese (see post HERE) left me a little unsatisfied unsatisfied.  However, this one was full of flavor.  Not only was the mac and cheese delicious so was the sloppy joe and even the runny egg.  The sloppy joe had a sweeter taste, but it was fantastic.  Surprisingly, even after devouring this and the grilled cheese, I didn't leave with a heavy filling. 
Address:                 Sacred Wheel
                                4935 Shattuck Ave.
                                Oakland, CA

Type:                       American/sandwiches

Popular chomps:     tomato soup
                                 grilled cheese

Chomp worthy:       tomato soup
                                grilled cheese
                                sleazy mac         

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