Donut Savant

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Donut Savant has been open just over a year and I finally got the chance to check it out.  This cute little donut shop churns out flavor from the standard (vanilla, chocolate bar, etc) and the more unique (maple bacon, oreo, etc).  Although the donuts are the obvious selling point at this shop, the coffee is amazing!

These small donut bites are about $1 and they are just the perfect size to try a handful of flavors. 

The apple fritter is fluffy with pieces of apple.  Its no Bob's SF version (see post HERE), but its mini size makes it perfect for when you want an apple fritter AND something else.

The salted maple donut was probably my second favorite (after the maple pecan). Every donut here is fluffy on the inside.

The mini sized donuts are just so cute, I can't stop raving about their size.  The mini chocolate bar is no exception.  The chocolate is thick, rich, and very chocolatey in flavor.

The vanilla glaze donuts are slightly bigger than a regular donut hole.  These cake donuts are covered with vanilla glaze.  For some reason, I thought it would be more of a regular glaze, but this heavy layer of vanilla frosting was a little too sweet for me.

The maple pecan was a last minute decision, but it ended up being one of the favorites of the bunch.  With its nutty, toasted pecans and the sweet maple frosting, its a pairing that just worked.

The s'more donut is so cute with its giant marshmallow slightly toasted on top of a chocolate frosting donut.

Address:                 Donut Savant
                                1934 Broadway
Type:                       donuts

Popular chomps:     apple fritter
                                 maple bacon
                                 maple pecan

Chomp worthy:        maple pecan   

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Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for awhile now and love it! I wish I could eat like you do and it's always fun to add new places to my list of "must tries."

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