Bitter + Sweet

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Bitter + Sweet is a tiny cafe in Cupertino that sells drip coffees and Humphrey Slocombe ice cream!  Almost like a small piece of San Francisco without having to drive an hour north, especially when you are feening for some Humphrey Slocombe ice cream (see post HERE).

Red velvet is so 2012, but who cares?  I've seen and eaten many red velvet cakes, like at SusieCakes (see post HERE), and put away a lot of red velvet cupcakes, even red velvet ice cream (see post HERE), but this is my first red velvet latte.  I'm not usually a latte person, but I couldn't resist.  Its smell just like red velvet, but it still takes like a latte with a hint of chocolate.  Cute idea, but I couldn't help be be paranoid that it would stain my mouth red (which it didn't). 

Address:                    Bitter + Sweet
                                   20560 Town Center Ln
                                   San Jose, CA
Type:                          dessert/cafe

Popular chomps:        Humphrey Slocombe ice cream
                                    red velvet cafe 

Chomp worthy:           red velvet cafe
                                    Humphrey Slocombe ice cream 

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