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Its hard to imagine that a place like farm:table exists in the middle of the Tenderloin, but it does.  This ultra tiny space serves up some fresh breakfast and brunch items as well as some baked goods.  Since the space is very tiny, I wouldn't recommend it for large groups.  Most people that come here seem to get their food to go even though they have a small parklet outside, but if you do decide to eat in, they have a small communal table that sits about 8 people and 2 outside tables as well as a small parklet.

Not exactly "toast" (more like focaccia), but today's toast of the day was sliced peaches, mascarpone cheese, crushed pistachios, and fresh blueberries.  I normally don't associate anything sweet when I think of focaccia, but this surprisingly works.  The sweet fruits and the light tasting mascarpone cheese add to the airiness of the fluffy focaccia.

Egg on a biscuit is exactly that.  A hardboiled egg with cream cheese, sliced bacon, and bits of arugula all atop a cold biscuit.  Since the kitchen is super tiny, all the food seems to be made in advance and is just put together when ordered.  I would have loved to have seen a poached egg instead of the hardboiled egg, especially since the biscuit is served cold.  Normally, I would have accepted the fact that considering the small kitchen, it couldn't be done, but after seeing Suite Food serve up a poached egg in their kitchen of the same size (see post HERE), I know it can be done.  All in all its a nice place to grab a light breakfast and some coffee.


Address:                   Farm to Table
                                  754 Post St.
                                  San Francisco, CA 
Type:                         brunch

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