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Salumeria is both a deli and a meat shop.  With outside seating, its a great place to enjoy a sunny San Francisco day.

Lots of deliciousness to be had here, from cheese selections to jars of delicious pickles.

The sandwiches and menu items change here, but its a meat and cheese shop so anything with either are the best bet.

Pretzel rolls seem to be the things these days.  Even Wendy's has taken a stab at the trend.  The salumi , pepper relish, mortadella,  and onion aioli in a pretzel roll just shows how quality the meat and cheeses are here.  Each sliced meat is sliced super thin and is full of flavor.  Its been a while since I've had meat sliced so thin and perfectly.  It reminds me a little of the sandwiches at Molinari's in North Beach (see post HERE), which I think are awesome.  The pretzel roll here is just the kicker on this amazing sandwich.  Chewy with just a hint of saltiness.  Perfection. 

I rarely get meat platter these days, but I'm so glad I did here.  The sliced meats are just amazing here.  Each sliced meat is so flavorful and fatty, it sets itself apart from just any ordinary cured meats platter.

Address:                  Salumeria
                                 3000 20th St.
                                 San Francisco, CA 
Type:                        sandwich

Popular chomps:      egg sandwich
                                  salumi sandwich
                                  meat platter

Chomp worthy:         salumi sandwich
                                  meat platter       

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