Banana Crepe

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Banana Crepe is one of the three shaved ice spots in San Jose's J-town.  When summer rolls around the line here can get ridiculous so the best time to go is before noon.
Mmm.  Nothing beats shaved ice in the summer.  Two flavors come in an order, but I'm so used to having three or more.  Today's choice for me was guava, mango, and tiger's blood (cherry, strawberry, watermelon).  Tiger's blood was the best of the three, the other flavors were very light tasting.  Although the best part is the scoop of vanilla ice cream and the condensed milk drizzle on top!  Delish!

Address:                   Banana Crepe
                                  248 Jackson St.
                                  San Jose, CA  
Type:                         Hawaiian/dessert

Popular chomps:       shaved ice

Chomp worthy:          shaved ice 

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