Santo Market

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Like most Japanese markets, Santo Market also sell snacks and sweets.  On Saturdays, Santo sells fresh, handmade strawberry mochis.  After having some at Okina for dessert (see post HERE), I've been looking to get my hands on some.
Small packs of strawberry mochi are laid out in the front so you don't have to search the store for them.  They come in either packs of two or three.
I'm in the minority of Chinese people that don't really care too much for red bean.  While the strawberries are fresh and sweet, there is a little too much red bean for me, but if red bean is your thing, then this strawberry mochi will hit the spot.

Address:                   Santo Market
                                  245 E. Taylor St.
                                  San Jose, CA 
Type:                         Japanese

Popular chomps:       strawberry mochi

Chomp worthy:         strawberry mochi      

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