Hungry Cat

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Hungry Cat is in the middle of Hollywood, but its location was a little tricky for me to find.  Having literally walked back and forth on the same block at least four times, I finally managed to spot this corner restaurant in an alleyway across from CVS.  Its mostly known for their seafood and their gorgeous raw bar displayed in the front of the restaurant.
Upon arrival to the table, the bowl of salad was huge, but poking around I found it was a wide, shallow bowl.  This seafood take on a cobb salad was filled with fresh shrimp, chunks of crab, bacon, chicken, avocado, eggs, apples, and Parmesan cheese.  Nothing special, but the salad was a refreshing and it had the most delicious citrus dressing.
The lobster roll is Hungry Cat's claim to fame.  Unfortunately, the crispy fries were more satisfying than the actual lobster roll.  The lobster roll is served on fluffy, buttery brioche bread that is lightly toasted, but the chunks of lobsters were few and too dressed.  The lobster was covered heavily in mayo, which overpowered the sweetness of the lobster.  Also, there was at most four bites to this teeny lobster roll.  For $25, the lobster roll was a huge letdown and I should have ordered the raw seafood platter I saw on a nearby table.
Address:                   The Hungry Cat
                                  1535 Vine St.
                                   Los Angeles, CA
Type:                         seafood

Popular chomps:        lobster roll
                                   seafood platter
                                   pug burger

Chomp worthy:          nothing

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