Tin Pot Creamery

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Artisanal ice cream is finally making its way outside of San Francisco.  So far I've tried Treatbot in San Jose (see post HERE) and now Tin Pot Creamery on the Peninsula in Palo Alto's Town and Country center.  The shopping center can be a little difficult to maneuver around, but this ice cream shop is located next to CVS.  It's actually really close to Asian Box (see post HERE).

The flavors include a wide spectrum including the standards (chocolate) to a little wild (sweet cream with honey balsamic swirl) to the fruity (mango sorbet).  They even have a vegan ice cream, which (from eavesdropping on the crowd) sounded like it was pretty spot on.  As always, they offer free tastings of all their flavors.
The sweet cream with honey balsamic swirl was delicious.  Not Bi-Rite status (see post HERE), but definitely a welcome treat outside the city.  The flavor profile of this creamy concoction first started of a sweet note, then you get hit with even sweeter (probably from the honey), then the last remnants of your lick ends in a tangy zing.

At first glance, this looks like a mushy mess of ice cream, but they seemed to have had the ice cream outside of the case so I cannot verify if this actual ice cream is very soft or what.  That being said, the salted butterscotch was something different, especially when everyone seems to be doing their own play on Bi Rite's salted caramel.  Not exactly the same, but somewhat similar in flavor.  A little sweeter than the salted caramel, but still delicious in its own way.  Also, their cone has a fudgy surprise and the end of the cone.

Address:                   Tin Pot Creamery
                                 855 El Camino Real Ste 121
                                 Palo Alto, CA
Type:                         ice cream

Popular chomps:        salted butterscotch
                                  TCHO chocolate ice cream
                                  sweet cream with honey balsamic swirl
Chomp worthy:          salted butterscotch
                                  sweet cream with honey balsamic swirl     

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