Mission City Creamery

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Mission City Creamery is situated in the oddest location, right along a quiet street in the middle of Santa Clara.  This homemade ice creamery serves up freshly made ice cream with always changing flavors.

Its definitely not at the level of Bi-Rite (see post HERE) or even San Jose's Treatbot (see post HERE), but it does get points for trying.

One great thing about this ice cream is the texture.  Its has the perfect balance of creamy and soft.  The peppermint stick ice cream was cool and minty with surprising bits of peppermint candy.
The salted caramel ice cream seemed like it would be a total winner, but it was a big disappointment.  It lacked the strong saltiness that Bi Rite had (see post HERE).  If I didn't know it was salted caramel, I would have never guessed it.

Address:                  Mission City Creamery
                                 2905 Park Ave.
                                 Santa Clara, CA  
Type:                        ice cream

Popular chomps:      caramelized banana
                                  salted caramel
                                  honey lavender
                                  pistachio pineapple 

Chomp worthy:         peppermint stick  

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