Mikawaya Mochi

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LA's Japantown is speckled with all types of sweet treats.  Of course, one of them has to be mochi ice cream, although there is a regular mochi store down the street.
Besides the mochi ice creams, Mikawaya Mochi also sells shaved ice and regular ice cream.  The mochi ice cream comes in the regular flavors (green tea, mango, vanilla, chocolate, etc), and they also come in the more exotic flavors for a little extra.
From top, left:chocolate mint, coconut, creme brulee, and plum wine.  Also, on hand were guava, toasted almond, and pistachio.  All were pretty disappointing and nothing close to the fantastic mochi ice cream at Jimbo's back home (see post HERE).  Most of them were much too soft, both the mochi outside the ice cream and the ice cream itself.  The ice cream flavors were bland and didn't have that pop where you could distinguish what flavor it was.
The inside of the mint chocolate chip mochi has mini chocolate chunks.

Address:                  Mikawaya
                                 118 Japanese Village Plz Mall
                                  Los Angeles, CA
Type:                         Japanese/desserts

Popular chomps:       mochi ice cream

Chomp worthy:          nothing  

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