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Pupusas!  Love the handmade meat and bean filled tortilla pockets.  Right when you walk into Chalateco, you can hear the slapping from the shaping of the tortillas and the grease sizzling on the grill. 

The side of curtido (slaw) was a little thin and limpy and didn't provide enough crunch.  The pupusas was a little on the greasy side, but still had a small amount of crispy bits.

The papas con chorizo (potato with chorizo) had a mushy potato filling, but very tasty.

The standard revueltas (pork fried beans and cheese) was just so so.  It ended up being more bean than cheese.
The chicharron con fruol (pork with beans) was the favorite of the three.  A strong fatty pork flavor from the first bite.
Address:                 Chalateco
                                823 E El Camino Rd.
                                Sunnyvale, CA
Type:                       pupusas

Popular chomps:    revueltas pupusas (pork fried beans and cheese)
                               chicharron con frijol (pork with beans) 
                                papas con chorizo (potatoes with chorizo)
Chomp worthy:       chicharron con frijol (pork with beans)   

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