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Kramer from Seinfield envisioned a pizzeria where you can make your own pizza and choose whatever toppings you want.  BUILD Pizzeria has made that Kramer's dream come true, sort of. 
After sitting down, your server will give you a ticket to make your own custom pizza.  There's choice of sauce, cheese, meats, and other toppings.  Once you design your own pizza, the servers will bring the pie to your table once its been cooked in the wood fired oven.  The very thin crust pizzas come to your table pretty quickly.
There is a wide range of toppings to choose from so you can customize your pizza to your heart's content.
Surprisingly, there is no margherita pizza option on the menu, so I built one myself.  This one is the rosso (tomato sauce) base with hand pulled mozzarella, fresh basil, and olive oil.  The crust is very, very thin with a nice crisp texture.  Pretty tasty, but I wish I had told them to add a pinch of salt.
The second pizza option was a little more adventurous:  pesto with slices of potato, Italian sausage, spicy calabrian peppers, and an egg.  Pretty delicious for something custom made, although I probably could have gone a little more wilder. 

Address:                  BUILD Pizzeria
                                 2286 Shattuck Ave.
                                 Berkeley, CA 
Type:                        pizza

Popular chomps:      pizza

Chomp worthy:         pizza  

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