Mariscos Los Costa

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Mariscos Los Costa is south, like very south, San Jose.  Situated in the middle of a parking lot, this extremely busy taqueria was a surprising find.  Maybe even the best tasting carne asada in San Jose..

The pulpo y camerones (octopus and shrimp) tostada was just ok.  The chunks of shrimp were better than the slices of octopus.  The addition of Tapatio and a squeeze of lime always helps out too.

I wouldn't normally order meat, especially carne asada (beef) from a place that specifically said mariscos (seafood) in their name.  While I wasn't happy with the tortilla or the sloppy rolling of the burrito, the beans and meat were super flavorful.  Possibly a lot of lard in the beans gave it its hearty flavor.  There is not a lot of rice in the burrito, but that just allows for more beefy goodness.

Address:                  Mariscos Los Costa
                                 4152 Monterey Hwy
                                 San Jose, CA
Type:                        Mexican/seafood

Popular chomps:      carne asada

Chomp worthy:        carne asada

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