Bulgarini Gelato

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Bulgarini Gelato is hidden inside an empty plaza in sleepy Pasadena.  Up to this moment I thought that SF for sure had Southern California beat in the ice cream/gelato category, but wow, Bulgarini Gelato has shown me that they know a thing or two about making the best of fresh ingredients. 
The peach sorbet was so fresh and delicious, you can practically taste the fuzziness off of the peaches.  All the flavors here are excellent, but the absolute winner here is the goat's milk gelato.  The texture is more icey than creamy, but the taste is unbelievable!  You can practically taste the green grass from the goat milk, its that fresh tasting!  Its unlike anything I've ever tasted.  Little cocoa nibs break up the smooth texture of this delicious scoop of gelato.
A scoop of chocolate and another scoop of chocolate with sea salt.  Rich and chocolately with a smooth, creamy texture.  The chocolate with sea salt had surprising nibs of sea salt crystals hiding throughout the scoop of chocolate.

Address:                Bulgarini Gelato
                               749 E. Altadena
                               Pasadena, CA
Type:                      ice cream/gelato

Popular chomps:    goat's milk gelato
Chomp worthy:       goat's milk gelato        

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