Oki's Dogs

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I don't even know what to categorize Oki's Dog as.  Is it Japanese?  Is it just hot dogs?  Is it burritos?  Its all the above in pure gluttony status. 

Their menu has a little bit of everything.
Quite a bit of their items is doused with their signature chili sauce.  The beanless chili reminds me a little of Japanese curry both in the consistency and in the seasonings.  Even though chili cheese fries don't look like anything special, the chili and the crunchy fries are addicting. 
The oki dog is one of the signature items here.  Two hot dogs along with cheese and chili are wrapped in a flour tortilla.  The combination is oddly satisfying and makes you wonder why aren't there more of these.
The pastrami burrito is another wildly popular item.  First of all, this is gigantic.  One order can easily feed two people.  Jam packed with slices of pastrami, cabbage and then wrapped in a flour tortilla, this is delicious.  Even better when its cold.

Address:                  Oki's Dog
                                 5056 W. Pico Blvd
                                 Los Angeles, CA
Type:                        hot dog

Popular chomps:      oki dog
                                  chili cheese fries
                                  pastrami burrito
                                  orange bang
Chomp worthy:        oki dog
                                  chili cheese fries
                                  pastrami burrito

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