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Tokie's has long been a favorite sushi restaurant on the Peninsula.  I'm back on the Peninsula again searching for lunchtime options... 

Although the miso soup was of the standard fare, there was a surprising presence of noodles.  A first for me, but I can't say that I hated it.  Odd, but it made sense in a weird way.

The Rainbow roll was rather skimpy, both in size and in the amount of softshell crab.  The fried softshell crab was overcooked and dry. 

I'm not a fan of chirashi on a plate, its just not the same.  Various fish on top of rice that didn't taste much like sushi rice.  The unfresh fish made for a disappointing lunch.

There are a list of lunch specials on the board in the front of the restaurant.  The katsu curry was one of the specials of the day.  The curry was thick and flavorful with the katsu fried perfectly.  Not the greatest, but it was decent.

Address:                  Tokie's
                                 1058 Shell Blvd. Ste G
                                 Foster City, Ca  

Type:                       Japanese

Popular chomps:     sushi

Chomp worthy:        miso soup       

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