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When I first heard that Bob's Donuts in LA was one of the most famous donut places I immediately thought it was somehow related to the Bob's Donuts in SF (see post HERE), especially when I heard that people raved about their apple fritters.  Well, its not.  Nestled in the maze of shops in the farmer's market in the Grove, this donut shop is quite popular. 

I never get plain donuts and skip right over to the glazed, but their plain donuts were one of the more popular items here.  Even though I don't really care for cakey type donuts, this one had a nice dense texture and was pretty tasty.
Even looking at the outside appearance of the apple fritter, its burnt exterior looks almost like Bob's in SF.  The outside is extra crispy, but it doesn't have much of a fluffy inside like Bob's in SF.  Instead of mixing the pieces of apple inside the fritter, Bob's in LA has a layer of apples on top.  Not really feeling this type of apple fritter, I still prefer SF's version.

The cuteness of these dinosaur donuts are hard to pass up.  They also have kitty face donuts, if that's more your thing.  While they are fun to look at, I found the frosting too sweet for me.
Bob's also sells beignets, which would seem like a good fit, but the beignets here aren't a true beignet.  They lack the light airiness of a real beignet.  It was more like a powdered donut.

Address:                   Bob's Coffee & Donuts
                                  6333 W 3rd St.
                                  Los Angeles, CA
Type:                         donuts

Popular chomps:        plain donut
                                   apple fritter
                                   dinosaur donut or kitty donut

Chomp worthy:          plain donut
                                   apple fritter   

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