Metro Balderas 1

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Pulling up to this discreet taqueria in San Jose, I felt really giddy and excited.  Crowds of people with outdoor seating around a gorgeously decorated spit.  Like a moth to a flame, I tried not to get too excited because I've been disappointed on more than one occasion when searching out tacos and Mexican food in San Jose.  
There are two locations of Metro Balderas that are approximately 5 minutes apart, but don't be fooled by the other location.  It seems that only Thurs through Saturday, Metro Balderas 1 breaks out the spit and roasted up some some fantastic al pastor.   

No menus are really passed out here because everyone gets one thing - the al pastor tacos.  I did happen to get some carne asada tacos thinking that the meat might be good as well, but I was wrong.  It was flavorless, but cooked well.  Stick to the al pastor and try to get a seat with the view of the spinning spit!  Make sure you take notice of the pineapple sitting atop the spit.

Each taco comes with expertly sliced thin strips of al pastor with a small slice of pineapple.  Each slice is charred on the outside with an abundance of juiciness and flavor.  Usually I dislike pineapple on anything, especially warm/hot pineapple, but I have to say here it works.  The sweet, juicy pineapple complements the sweetness of the al pastor.  I have to admit the pineapple is starting to grow on me.

Address:                  Metro Balderas 1
                                 688 S. Almaden Ave.
                                 San Jose, CA
Type:                        Mexican

Popular chomps:       al pastor taco

Chomp worthy:         al pastor taco       

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