Amato's Cheesesteaks

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Amato's Cheesesteak is one of those must go to places in San Jose.  I've definitely had my fair shares of their cheesesteaks.  Amato's is a hidden gem in a strip mall that looks like it was stuck in the the 70s.
The thinly cut steaks are grilled to perfection.  Along with your choice of cheeses:  whiz, provolone, and white American cheese.  Another thing about their sandwiches are they are huge!  The smallest size (shorty) is more than enough for one person.  Along with peppers, mushrooms, I find that this is one of the best cheesesteaks in the Bay Area.  Personally, I like to order extra cheese, peppers, and mushrooms with my shorty.

The onions rings and fries are so good here.  Its probably because they don't fry it until you order.  The batter has this amazing crispy crust on the onion rings and its seasoned just perfectly.

Address:              Amato's Cheesesteaks

                             1162 Saratoga Ave.
                             San Jose, CA
Type:                    sandwiches

Popular chomps:  onion rings
                              cheese fries
Chomp worthy:     onion rings

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