Pacific Puffs

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I was surprised to see Pacific Puffs making a home in the Powell St station in a location that has been somewhat unlucky with previous tenants.  The menu here offers a savory goodies, which its original Marina location does not.
The menu offers breakfast (served all day), savory, and sweet puff options.

Pacific Puffs offers an interesting twist to the puffs with a savory sandwich options made with the cream puff shells.  The sizes are more like a snack size.  The sansome is made with slices of pastrami, Swiss, and sauerkraut.  The meat is juicy and the sandwich has good flavor, but the puff shell does not work well with this sandwich.  The outside ends up being too soggy due to the hot slices of meat. 

With the savory items comes some breakfast sandwiches.  The masonic sort of reminds me of a fancy egg McMuffin with its premade egg, dill sauce, and a tiny slice of smoked salmon.  Tiny, but surprisingly delicious.  Also, the shell held up a little better in this sandwich than the pastrami one.

The strawberry cream puff was my favorite in this haul.  Fresh strawberries and cream with a light and airy shell, whats not to love.

The cream puffs come in a regular size as well as a mini size.  The mini size are about two bites, but for an extra dollar and some change you can get the regular size.  The standards seem to be the regular cream, chocolate covered with vanilla cream, chocolate covered with chocolate cream, and regular chocolate cream.  The cream is a little more on the whipped cream flavor versus some have a little more vanilla taste (Beard Papa). 

Address:                Pacific Puffs
                               San Francisco Westfield Ctr
                               865 Market St.
                               San Francisco, CA
Type:                      dessert

Popular chomps:     cream puffs
Chomp worthy:       strawberry cream puffs       

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