B. Patisserie

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I'm a little late to the party on B. Patisserie.  I've been too busy noshing other places and somehow skipped over this darling bakery.  Super pastry chef Belinda Leong's long awaited bakery has finally made a opening off Divisidero.  While Craftsman and Wolves (see post HERE) took the most anticipated bakery opening for 2012, B. Patisserie has to definitely be the best carbcentric opening of 2013. 

There is a steady stream of hungry customers here, but its easy to snag a seat (there are a couple outside tables, as well).  Most customers actually buy these pastries by the boxes, but have no fear the kitchen seems to it under control by filling the trays with freshly baked goods.  Having been rejected more than once from Tartine, I was a little fearful this popular bakery wouldn't have my beloved kouign amann, but it happily proved me wrong.
As if it wasn't hard enough to decide what baked good to eat, a caseful of pastries are displayed to tempt you even more.

I specifically came here for the famous kouign amann (my current pastry obsession), but ended up with a chocolate banana almond croissant and a savory bacon & scallion gougere feuilletee.  Im a little torn between which bakery is better - here or Tartine bakery (see post HERE).  With no waiting in line and never having to bear the disappointment my pastry would be sold out after a 30 minutes wait, I almost have to say B. Patisserie is even better than Tartine Bakery. 

Although Tartine's almond croissant is my favorite almond croissant ever, I cannot deny that B. Patisserie's banana chocolate almond croissant is pretty amazing.  As if the crunchy almond topping on a fluffy, buttery croissant isn't enough, its stuffed with oozing chocolate and slices of bananas.  Every flaky pastry I ate had the perfect light, crisp exterior without it being too rich. 
I've had Starter Bakery's kouign amann at Four Barrel (see post HERE) and then at Philz Coffee (see post HERE) and I've been dumbfounded by how amazing these pastries were, but nothing compares to B. Patisserie's.  A thin later of crystallized sugar on top of a the ultra flaky pastry is just heaven.  Its light and fluffy with just hints of sweetness in each bite.  Perfection at its best.

Address:                      B. Patisserie
                                     2821 California St.
                                     San Francisco, CA
Type:                            bakery
Popular chomps:          kouign amann
                                     chocolate vanilla choux
                                     chocolate banana almond croissant                 

Chomp worthy:             kouign amann
                                      chocolate banana almond croissant 

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