Lung Fung Bakery

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I'm starting to realize that a good Chinese bakery as well as good dim sum is starting to become a dying art.  I've walked by Lung Fung Bakery multiple times and never thought to enter into this often deserted bakery.  However, word on the street is that their baked char siu baos (baked pork buns) are super delicious.  Having realized that I have not had one of these sweet and savory pork buns for a long time, I had to head on over.

There are two types of pork buns.  One is white and steamed and the other is brown and baked.  People often seem to favor one over the other.  I've always leaned more towards the baked ones for various reasons:  steamed ones do not taste good the next day plus sometimes the condensation from the steam makes the fluffy bun gross and soggy.  
The baked char siu baos here don't come cheap.  At $1 a piece, these buns are served hot and seem to be bought by the boxes.

Lots of positives for these pork buns:  good meat to bread ratio, soft and fluffy bun, and the pork is well sauced and juicy.  However, the one thing missing (and what I find to be most important) is the sweet honey glaze on top of these buns that often give the perfect compliment to the sweet, juicy pork inside.  I immediately noticed my fingers were not sticky and even double checked by licking the top of the bun.  Nope, no sweet glaze, but the generous pork filling that oozed out of the bun in an uncontrollable fashion still makes it a pretty good bun in my book.

Address:                      Lung Fung Bakery
                                     1823 Clement St.
                                     San Francisco, CA
Type:                            Chinese/baker

Popular chomps:          char siu bao
                                      egg tart 

Chomp worthy:            char siu bao

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