Holy Gelato

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I'm always on the lookout for late night dessert spots to satisfy some sweet cravings.  Holy Gelato's late night hours (11p) was tonight's sugar run.

 They have a good number of flavors to choose from as well as soy/vegan options.  Actually, they have quite a bit of vegan options, so much so that the vegan flavors (Mayan chocolate, sea salt chocolate, Thai tea, etc) are even better sounding than the regular gelato flavors.

A medium size gets you anywhere from 1 to 4 flavors.  Starting from bottom; clockwise:  copa mista, Mayan chocolate, Irish morning.  Copa mista is a blend of vanilla, chocolate, grounded pistachios, and almonds.  Pretty good stuff, but nothing wowish.  The texture of all the gelatos wasn't as creamy as most gelatos, although the soy based ones were a lot more gelato like than most soy based ice creams I've had.  Most soy gelatos/ice creams I've had are really mushy and melty in consistency.  A warning that the Mayan chocolate was spicy was taken a little lightly until the first lick.  A last minute spicy kick on the tail end of a rich chocolately taste.  Surprising, but well received.  Irish morning had a Irish coffee and chocolate flavor, but more chocolate than anything.

I came here specifically out of curiosity of the goat cheese gelato.  After the eye opening goat cheese gelato experience at Bulgarini's in Pasadena (see post HERE), I've been intrigued to see if San Francisco had anything close.  From bottom; clockwise: white pistachio, guava, goat cheese.  The goat cheese does resemble goat cheese, but its nothing close to the depth and intensity of Bulgarini's.  Still yum.  White pistachio was chosen just because I wanted to see what is a white pistachio since normally pistachio ice cream is green.  A slightly sweeter taste to this white pistachio than the normal pistachio ice cream.  Take Kern's guava nectar and make it into a sorbet and literally that is what the guava sorbet tastes like here.  Good, but a little too sweet to indulge in the whole scoop. 

Address:                 Holy Gelato
                                1392 9th Ave.
                                San Francisco, CA
Type:                       dessert/ice cream

Popular chomps:     copa mista
                                 goat cheese
Chomp worthy:        copa mista
                                  Mayan chocolate

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