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Okay, I admit it.  All this time, I've been too lazy to track down the Curry Up Now truck.  So when they finally opened up a storefront in downtown San Mateo, I had to hurry down and see the hype for myself.

tikki masala fries

close up of tikka masala fries
An Indian twist on my beloved carne asada fries (San Diego must eat).  Although it sounds delicious, its poorly executed.  First of all, I'm not a fan of criss-cut fries.  The flavor of these sweet potato criss-cut fries detract from the masala flavors.  It seems like they used criss-cut fries to take on the weight of the sauce, but it stil ends up soggy.  Everything clumps together in a one big goopy mess.  Very disappointing - I had high hopes for this dish. 

chicken tikka masala burrito
Chicken Tikka masala with chana masala (garbanzo beans) and pickled onions wrapped in a La Palma tortilla.  Another confession - I actually had this exact burrito the week before and I had to come back for another because I couldn't stop thinking about it.  It's that good.  The perfect ratio of spiciness, rice, and meat all rolled up into one delicious surprise.
goat biryani burrito
Goat biryani burrito was the special item of the day.  Love goat biryani and not too many places serve it regularly.  Its mostly seen as a rotating special item.  The goat biryani here is pretty tasty, but I think I prefer it as just a biryani dish.  There wasn't much else in the burrito - just goat biryani wrapped in a tortilla.

Address:                              Curry Up Now
                                       129 S. B Street
                                       San Mateo, CA                                    

Type:                                      Indian, burrito

Chomp worthy:          chicken tikka burritos

Pass:                                       tikka masala fries

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