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Suzu is a Japanese noodle house that serves both ramen, soba, and udon.  Their combination platters allow you to choose a noodle soup and a don dish (rice bowl) when you can't decide if you feel like soup or rice.

A menu map complete with arrows helps you to choose your options.

The crispy, freshly fried croquettes are always a great way to start off your meal at Suzu.
The ramen here is probably one of the better ramen options in San Francisco Japantown.  The ramen is a shoyu broth with a slightly chewier noodle. 

chicken curry don

Majority of Japanese restaurants make curry straight from the prepackaged boxes!  This one is no different.  The curry here is a little on the bland side.  Also, the fukujin-zuke (pickle) lacks the essential crunch.  The positive thing about this dish is the curry to rice ratio is perfect.  I never have plain rice left over in my bowl.

The udon here comes in a slightly sweeter broth.  The noodles are chewy and soft which equals good texture for udon.

tonkatsu don

Tonkatsu don consists of fried pork cutlets on top of a bowl of rice.  Suzu gives you a pretty generous portion of tonkatsu considering this is only supposed to be a combo.

Suzu isn't the best ramen or noodle house, but it is consistent in the quality.  Also the variety of combo options cover all the bases.
Address:                            Suzu
                                                 1825 Post St.
                                                  San Francisco, Ca
Type:                                    Japanese, ramen

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