Ad Hoc - 7/4/10

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Another Ad Hoc post!  What can I say...it's my favorite restaurant.  This meal is actually my favorite meal I've had at Ad Hoc to date.  I'm obsessive about checking Ad Hoc's daily menu so when Lobster Rolls showed up I had to hurry up to Yountville an hour before opening to try to score a seat at the bar. 

damnation beer

mango soda

Frisee and Melon salad with yellow and red watermelon, sharlyn galia melon, d'avignon radish, feta cheese, black olives, and balsamic vinaigrette
Ad Hoc always takes salads to the next level.  This salad is no exception.  Summery and light, each bite was tasty and refreshing.

corn on the cob with red potatoes and cabbage cole slaw

Corn on the cob, potatoes, and cole slaw was the side of the night.  Yes there is a lot of butter in this dish, but its so delicious, it only enhances the fresh vegetables more.  I had to remind myself not to finish it so I could save room for the lobster rolls.

Maine lobster rolls on toasted bread, pickled onions, and shaved celery
Two sandwiches come with each portion.  More than enough for one sitting and one to take home for a late night snack.  These lobster rolls were lightly toasted (with more butter!) and stuffed with huge chunks of fresh lobster.  Only fainty mixed with mayo, you can actually taste the sweetness of the lobster.

Wisconsin Sheep dante with white nectarines and toasted marcona almonds
A light fruit and cheese dish to balance out the heaviness of the prior dishes.

bowl of buttermilk sorbet with fresh strawberries, and blueberries

red velvet cupcakes

Address:                                 Ad Hoc
                                                       6476 Washington St.
                                                       Yountville, CA

Type:                                         American

Chomp worthy:                Everything!

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