Norky's (Ica, Peru)

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Peru is the first country I have visited that I didn't see a Starbucks or McDonalds.  Although some locals told me that both chains are making their way through the country. 


While us Americans gravitate towards hamburgers at fast food chains, Peruvians prefer chicken (pollo a la brasa) at their own fast food chains.  Some popular ones seen in Peru are Norky's and Pardo's Chicken.  Believe it or not, but Google maps doesn't even recognize this area so its quite impossible to map out anything to eat!

The set up is similar to McDonalds right down to the indoor playground.  You can either walk up to the counter and order to go or sit down at a table where you will be given a menu. 

I decided to try the chicha morada here.  Chicha morada is a popular Peruvian  non-alcoholic drink made with black maize (corn).  I was a little hesitant to drink this based on the appearance and not knowing what to expect.  The taste is actually quite good with a sweet taste and a herbal aftertaste.     

I ordered a half piece chicken meal which came with a green salad and a side of fries.  After reading so many food must eats about Peru and pollo a la brasa, I was really excited to try this chicken.  Supposedly, this was THE chicken to eat when visiting Peru.  I must have expected too much because this chicken, although cooked well, didn't have much flavor for me.  The fries also had a softer texture than what I'm used to eating in the States.

Overall, this place wasn't the IT place for me like I've read about.( I still think Costco's rotisserie chicken is the best!)  Possibly Pardo's is better?  Although I spoke to a Peruvian that had a McDonald's hamburger and she couldn't see what the fuss was about.

Address:                       Norky's
                                             Ica, Peru

Type:                               Peruvian

Chomp worthy:        pollo a la brasa not chompworthy,  but still worth a taste to experience Peru

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