Lunch in Huacachina

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My second day in Peru consisted of a 4 hour bus ride leaving at 6a from Lima to Ica and a 10 minute cab ride to Huacachina.  A couple hours of sandboarding and sandduning in a buggy in a sandy oasis left me hungry and thirsty.  Huacachina is pretty small and the food options are quite limited.

A hot sun with views of an oasis in the middle of a dessert provided the perfect setting for Cusquena, a popular Peruvian beer.

A common item on the drink menus in Peru are blended fresh fruit drinks.  The mango one was thick and sweet, although not exactly thirst quenching.

Peru has a huge Chinese influence in their food.  The most popular is lomo saltado.  A stir fry of beef, tomatoes, onions, and french fries served with a side of white rice.  This dish tastes exactly what it sounds like:  a stir fry with french fries.   

Peru is home to a large variety of potatoes.  Fried potatoes is a popular item.  This one is served with cheese and chives.   

Address:                   Huacachina, Peru
Type:                        Peruvian, casual

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