Manolo's (Lima, Peru)

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An emergency landing in Mexico City caused a domino effect to my plans and forced me to cancel out on my much anticipated dinner at Astrid y Gaston.  A five hour delayed departure set me in Lima at around 11p searching around Miraflores for something to eat.

Manolo's is a popular late night spot in Miraflores that serves everythigng from cerviche to desserts.

One of Manolo's specialties are churros which they proudly display in the front.  They serve filled churros as well as the traditional churros con chocolate.  The filled churro options are chocolate, dulce de leche, and vanilla.

If you don't want to sit down, you are able to walk up to the front counter and order some to go.

Sandwiches and other food options are displayed in the cases.  I wanted to order this sandwich just because it looked so crazy, but jetlag put my hunger pains at a confused state.

Chocolate filled churros.  A nice crispy exterior with a gooey chocolate center.  I prefer the texture and sweetness of these churros over the ones I had in Madrid at (Chocolate San Gines in Madrid, Spain)

One of the foods Peru is known for is their chicken.  I opted for a chicken sandwich which came open faced with melted cheese and tomatoes.  When it arrived, it didn't strike me as very appealing, but the chicken was so tender, juicy, and satisfying.

Address:                  Manolo's
                                       Avenida Larco 608
                                       Lima (Miraflores)

Type:                          Peruvian, cafe

Chomp worthy:  churros

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