Roli Roti

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Roli Roti truck at the farmer's market
The line for Roli Roti truck is probably the longest food line in the SF Farmers market, but well worth the wait.  If you only want chicken and potatoes then you can cut ahead .

Rotisserie chicken - notice the roasted potatoes on the bottom

Porchetta Sandwich at Roli Roti - #11 on 2012 7x7 SF's Top 100 Eats
Apparently offered year round only at the SF farmer's market, this popular item sells out quick.  I recommend getting here by 11:30 to secure one.  Each sandwich is lovingly made by rubbing the  Acme bread with the juices and fat of the pork.   

Roasted potatoes

The roasted potatoes are the perfect side to the porchetta sandwich or the rotisserie chicken at Roli Roti.  Roasted with rosemary and cooked on the bottom of the rotisserie where all the juices of the meats drip all over these savory sides.  A sprinkle of sea salt perfects these potatoes.

Address:                         Roli Roti
                                        Ferry Building Farmers Market (Thurs and Saturdays) 
                                        San Francisco, CA 

Type:                               food truck

Chomp worthy:               roasted potatoes, porchetta sandwich, rotisserie chicken

Random facts:                 
  • Also found at other farmers markets
  • does catering services

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