Anticuchos in Ollantaytambo

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I am a big fan of street food, especially in other countries.  This anticuchos cart in Ollantaytambo was the first one I encountered on my Peru trip.  Anticuchos is Quechua (the language spoken in the Sacred Valley) for cut grilled skewered meat.  Popular types of anticuchos are chicken and beef heart.  The meat i susually marinated in vinegar and spices such as cumin, aji pepper, and garlic.  A small potato is usually stuck on the end of the skewer.

These skewers were routinely brushed with a dressing.  I think it had garlic, onion, cilantro, vinegar, and lemon juice.  It had a very mild tangy flavor, not spicy.  

I chose the grilled chicken (pollo). Delicious!  The potato didn't have much seasoning, but it was a nice starchy compliment to my protein.  And no, I didnt get sick from eating street food.  I think street food is relatively safe when you see high turnover.

Address:                    on the streets of Ollantaytambo
Type:                            Peruvian, street food

Chomp worthy:    anticuchos

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