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view from inside Ragazza
Gialina's sister restaurant located in the NoPa area of San Francisco.  I haven't been to Gialina (yet), but I am aware of their cult following so I was eager to taste their pizza when Ragazza opened up in a more accessible part of the city. 

antipasto platter with prosciutto, cheeses, and olives
A little disappointed that the only cured meat on the plate was prosciutto.  Also, the first time I've seen olive oil on a cured meat platter.  Pretty standard antipasto plate -nothing spectacular.
roasted brussel sprouts
Roasted brussel sprouts should be soft with a slight crisp from the broiler.  These were a bit too mushy and somewhat flavorless.

Margherita pizza with fresh mozzarella, basil, and tomato
The standard whenever I try a new pizza place.  This one was slightly too thin - the inner part of the pizza was too crispy and hard.  I prefer my pizza with a slight crisp and softness to it - think Delfina, Pizetta 211, Pizzaiolo (Oakland).   

flourless chocolate cake
 Chocolately and dense, this cake was probably one of the better items I ate during this meal. 

Nutella pizza with mascarpone and amaretti
 Ending the savory portion of the meal feeling totally unsatisfied I opted to get two desserts. The nutella pizza was huge, but delicious.  A unique take on a dessert pizza, this "pizza" was tastier than the savory pizza.  A yummy dessert, but probably best served as a smaller portion.

Address:                             Ragazza
                                                   311 Divisadero St.
                                                   San Francisco, CA

Type:                                     Italian, pizza       

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