Citizen Cake

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Citizen Cake

After a much anticipated opening, Elizabeth Faulkner has finally opened her Citizen Cake on Fillmore in San Francisco.  In addition to her famous desserts, she has added an ice cream parlor.
dessert case
 Upon walking into the cafe, you are greeted with a large showcase of her playful desserts.

German chocolate cookie
 There are glass jars of cookies on top of her dessert display cases.  I tested out the German chocolate cookie.  A standard cookie, but probably nothing to awe over.  Anthony's cookies is still the best!  Check out my Anthony's cookie post HERE

To me, cheesecake is one of those dessert standards.  Sometimes you just need a properly made cheesecake.  This cheesecake had a good density to it and it probably would have had a good flavor to it had it not been overrun with ginger.  I'm not sure if there was ginger noted on the sign because I'm pretty sure I would never have ordered it.  Not only does the cheesecake have candied ginger on top, but its ginger flavored.  I'm not a huge fan of ginger so it was a one hitter quitter for me here.

Chocwork orange

It was really hard to choose another dessert.  All of them look interesting flavor wise and are beautifully presented.  A chocwork orange is made of two layers of crisp meringue, bourbon soaked chocolate flourless sponge cake, and bergamont whipped cream.  This dessert is quite pretty to look at.  BUT the flavor is just odd.  Everytime I took a bite it was a different flavor profile.  It was bitter and nutty, chewy and crunchy.  One of the most strangest flavor combinations I've ever tasted in a dessert.  

I was thoroughly dissapointed with Citizen Cake.  0/3 on the desserts I had tasted,  There was nothing I could recommend nor would I order again.  There are still a lot of other amazing looking dessert options that I would still come back and taste just not those three.  One thing I will definitely be back for is to try the sourdough bread ice cream!  Intriguing! TBD...   

Address:                              Citizen Cake
                                                    2125 Fillmore St.
                                                    San Francisco, CA 94115

Type:                                      dessert, cafe

Chompworthy:            nothing on this visit - be back for an ice cream tasting...

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