Dumplings & Buns

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Dumpings and Buns

 A new addition to the Fillmore area of San Francisco.  The Fillmore area seems to be defined by overpriced Asian food stores - some successfully so and some not.  Usually I tend to stay away from overpriced Asian food, but the super bright light from this store pulled me in.  Dumplings and Buns is a Chinese owned grab and go store that sells small dumplings and sweet and savory buns. 
combo of veggie, chicken, and pork dumplings
I opted to get a combo so I could taste and critque each flavor they offered.  According to the website there was an option of either a soy or a peanut dipping sauce - I didn't receive this option and ended up with neither.  The dumplings were lukewarm when I got them - not promising.  The skins were quite thick and oily.  I'm not sure if they brush the dumplings with a soy type dressing or the filling is heavily soy based, but that is the predominant flavor in all three dumplings.  All three were below average especially considering the cost.

Chocolate custard bun

I admire the playfulness on the traditional Chinese pineapple buns, but this pastry was dry and heavy.  The chocolate was extremely pastey and thick.  It lacked a solid chocolate flavor. 

Another overpriced Asian themed store that isn't even worth half of what they charge you. 

Address:                           Dumplings and Buns
                                                 2411 California St.
                                                 San Francisco, CA 94115

Type:                                  Chinese

Pass:                                    everything

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