Puka Rumi Restaurant (Ollantaytambo, Peru)

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Since Ollantaytambo is a small town, there aren't too many food options.  Puka Rumi is located right outside the ruins before the square.  Its known for their steaks and burritos.  Since I had a day of climbing planned I chose to pass on the burrito and go for something a little lighter.

This beef steak was stuffed with garlic and carrots and cooked in a red wine sauce and served with a side of mashed potatoes.  No knife needed!  This steak was so tender the beef practically melted in your mouth.

An amazingly fresh and delicious chicken soup with vegetables and quinoa.  More homey and comforting than any chicken soup I have ever tasted.

Address:                   Puka Rumi
                                          located right before the square near the ruins

Type:                          Peruvian, casual

Chomp worthy:  steaks and the chicken soup

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