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Talde was my sole reason for my first trip into Park Slope.  Having watched Dale Talde on Top Chef, I was pretty excited to get to taste his food.  Talde's quirky twist on Asian Fusion was fun and whimsical.  I only wished I could have made it out for dinner to try more of his dishes.

Inside of Talde.
The pretzel pork and chive dumplings are one of the popular dishes here.  Its served with a sauce that reminds me of the Chinese spicy mustard sauce popular with dim sum.  The dumplings are made with wrappers that taste somewhat like the outside of a pretzel.  The bits of salt and dry texture of the outside does a good job of mimicking the outside of a pretzel.

Not your average bowl of ramen.  This butter toast ramen's broth is supposedly made with buttered toast.  Butter and ramen is actually quite common, but this buttery broth was not as rich as I thought.  Its buttery flavor was just the right amount of velvety richness and the large chunks of pork belly make this dish.

As most people say, bacon makes everything better.  This pad thai is mixed with large chunks of thick cut bacon and slapped with a runny egg on top.  I wished the runny egg would be a little more runny so I could mix the yolk around the noodles.  A good try at something funky and different with pad thai, but really its just a well made pad thai with bacon thrown in. 

Address:                   Talde
                                  369 7th Ave.
                                  Brooklyn, NY
Type:                         Asian

Popular chomps:       lemongrass chicken
                                  butter toast ramen
                                  pad thai with bacon
                                  pretzel dumplings
                                  roasted branzino
                                  captain crunch halo halo
                                  Korean chicken and waffles

Chomp worthy:         butter toast ramen

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