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Its been pretty hot in the city and I'm always looking for ways to cool off.  With much anticipation, Bambu has finally opened a location in the city.  While boba/tapioca drinks are the most common sight around the city, its refreshing to see Vietnamese (dessert) che giving them a run for their money.

Bambu gives che a more approachable touch to these commonly Vietnamese dessert drinks.  With a mix of avocado, gelatin, coconut milk, coconut juice, and even basil seeds, I find that these drinks are a more refreshing and healthier option to milk teas (although there are sold here too). 

#4 - red tapioca, mung bean, jello, grass and pandan jelly, and coconut milk.  Since this drink has coconut milk, it is a little creamier than opting for a coconut juice option.  However, they allow for modifications if you wanted to switch them around. 

#1 - the Bambu special - coconut, pandan jelly, longan, basil seeds, and coconut juice.  The juice itself is layered really pretty, but you need to mix everything together to get the full flavor of the drink.  I love how there are so many textures of the drink - chewy, crunchy, etc.  I have to applaud Bambu for breaking che into the mainstream, but I think the San Jose locations have much fresher ingredients.  I found the coconut slices to be a little dry this time around and the drinks to be a little watery.  Also, the San Francisco location has higher prices than the San Jose locations. 

Address:                  Bambu Dessert & Drinks
                                 6050 Geary Blvd
                                 San Francisco, CA
Type:                        Vietnamese/ddessert

Popular chomps:      Bambu special
                                 Chè trái cây
                                 Chè 3 màu

Chomp worthy:        Bambu special
                                 Chè trái cây 

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