Sophie's Crepes

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Sophie's Crepes is a perennial dessert favorite in Japantown.  I don't think I've ever seen this place without a line in front of it.

One thing I love about this place is they take extra care making the crepes.  The batter is meticulously pushed back and forth to create a super thin crepe.

A thin crepe means a very crunchy exterior.  So good and crispy all the way to the bottom.  You can never go wrong with the traditional strawberry, vanilla ice cream, and nutella.  Just be careful when eating because it tends to drip out of the bottom of the cone.

Address:                     Sophie's Crepes
                                    1581 Webster St.
                                    San Francisco, CA
Type:                           dessert

Popular chomps:         green tea #17

Chomp worthy:           strawberry and nutella crepe     

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pinup girl said...

How so they get them so crispy? I keep trying. I can't do it and I'm 2000 miles away from San Francisco. :(

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