Peasant Pies

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Peasant pies is slowly making its presence known all over the city.  The small individual sizes make it perfect for trying multiple flavors.

Peasant Pies specializes mostly in savory pies with a couple of sweet pie selections. 

All the pies are sized perfectly for individual servings.  You can have them heat it up there or take it home and pop it in the over for 8 minutes.

All the crusts on the savory pies are similar.  Its a crunchier shell versus a lightly, flakier pastry crust.  The basque beef and potato had large chunks of potato mixed with juicy meat.  It had a really good flavor.

The "breakfast" pie was made with potato, egg, and sausage.  I was pleasantly surprised to see large slices of sausage stuffed inside this pie.

Originally, I had thought this would have been my favorite of all the selections, but I wished the spinach and feta pie was more creamy.

Its unfortunate that the turkey and cranberry pie is only around for a couple more weeks because this seasonal pie was my favorite.  Its made with ground turkey, sweet potato, potato, cranberry, onion, peas, carrots, and corn.  Its like Thanksgiving packaged into a pie.

The sweet potato pie was not too sweet with a smooth consistency in the filling.

Address:                   Peasant Pies
                                  1039 Irving St.
                                  San Francisco, CA
Type:                         bakery

Popular chomps:       beef and potato
                                   spinach and feta
                                   Moroccan lentil
                                   chicken and potato

Chomp worthy:         beef and potato
                                  turkey and cranberry
                                  egg, sausage, and potato      

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