Aroma Coffee and Snacks

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Aroma Coffee and Snacks is hidden inside the Seafood City plaza.  The menu mostly serves banh mi, some soups, and che.  
Literally, everyone that walks up to the counter of Aroma gets this smashed avocado drink.  I've had many avocado shakes, but this one is up there with some of the best.  Its like slurping a thick avocado milkshake mixed with just the right amount of jellies.  Even better was knowing that there were slurpable chunks of avocado in the drink.

I got a little excited to see a banh mi with spam and egg on the menu.  After encountering a couple incorrectly made eggs, I had to make sure this egg would come out runny.  The first odd thing about this banh mi is the bread.  Its sort of shiny and smooth, which was the first red flag.  The second was even after being assured that there would be a runny egg, it came out cooked all the way through.  After another inspection of the spam, I noticed the spam didn't have a nice burnt crispiness and it was an odd pink color.   Not sure if this actually the real spam (if there is such thing as fake spam) or if it was a lite spam (which I'm no fan of), all I know is that it didn't have any of the spam qualities that I liked - salty or crispy.

Address:                Aroma Coffee and Snacks
                               1535 Landess Ave. Ste 159
                                San Jose, CA
Type:                       Vietnamese

Popular chomps:     smashed avocado
                                 banh mi 
                                 banh mi thit nuong

Chomp worthy:        smashed avocado   

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