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Marcello's Pizzeria is another slice house in the city that opens late (till 1a). 

I prefer my pesto with a little more pesto, more like slathered with pesto sauce.  I did like the thin slices of potatoes, but I wished there were more.

The cheese slice is covered with a lot of cheese.  Its a nice greasy slice when to satisfy a late night outing.

The combo was my favorite slice with a bunch of toppings that reminded me of Round Tables King Arthur.

Another good slice was the mushroom, cheese, and sausage.  I feel like you can never go wrong with mushroom.

Address:                  Marcello's Pizza
                                 420 Castro St.
                                 San Francisco, CA
Type:                       pizza

Popular chomps:     combo
                                 cheese and mushroom
Chomp worthy:        combo       

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