Lou's Cafe

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 Lou's is referred to as the Ike's sandwiches of the Richmond district.  By the size of the lines I see when I'm driving by, you would think it was Ike's.  Best time to swing by this place to avoid the lines is late in the afternoon or right before it closes.  Just remember it closes on Sundays.

The Llb special is one of the popular sandwiches on the menu.  It has pretty much everything on it:  roast beef, turkey, ham, swiss cheese, provolone and Lou's special sauce on dutch crunch bread.  First of all the bread - sorry, but the dutch crunch at Roxie's is MUCH better.  It might be the combination of everything smashed between the two pieces of dutch crunch that makes the bread a little soggy and not in an Ike's deliciously soggy mess kind of way.  Lou's sauce is their special secret sauce that is more of a jalapeno spread, but honestly I couldn't tell it was jalapeno flavored.  It tasted more like globs of salty (but not spicy) mayo.  An okay sandwich for the area, but not even close enough to be categorized in Ike's league.

The hot link sandwich on dutch crunch still produced a soggy dutch crunch exterior.  Disappointing since I believe the bread is such an important part of a sandwich.  The hot link was probably what made the whole sandwich.  Spicy with a little snap.

Address:                     Lou's Cafe
                                    5017 Geary Blvd
                                    San Francisco, CA
Type:                          sandwich          

Popular chomps:        breakfast sandwich
                                    LLB special
                                    jalapeno spread
                                    Roma's Club

Chomp worthy:           nothing  

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