Adamson's French Dip

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Adamson's French Dip wasn't exactly on the top of my food list since I'm not really a huge fan of french dip sandwiches.  The concept of purposely making bread soggy just doesn't make sense to me.

I love restaurants that have a very simple menu, especially ones that serve one or two dishes.  There are a couple bbq sandwiches , but really their menu focuses on two things:  prime rib dip and the top sirloin dip.  Honestly, I wasn't too excited about this place until I saw them slicing the meat to order.  The meat can be purchased by the pound as well.
Another thing about this place that got me excited was they make their own root beer!  Just awesome,  but apparently you can only have it on draft when you eat in.   Still the bottled root beer was earthy, sweet, and refreshing.  I only wish I could have tasted it from the tap.
The potato salad is a side and not included in the combo meal.  It was really creamy with a slight tang.  It was more of a filler.  I did like that the creaminess was from the mashed potatoes and not from gobs of mayo.

Even looking at the sandwich, it didn't seem like much.  They give you a decent portion of thinly sliced prime rib.  The meat is sandwiched between a soft roll and for an extra $.25 each you can add cheese, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, and grilled jalapenos.  The meat is really flavorful and super juicy.  The grilled mushroom and cheese that I added were a nice touch, but the meat overpowered it in both taste and texture.  The cheese was a little skimpy.  I'm thinking double cheese next time.   

I was a little hesitant about dipping the sandwich in the au jus, but the sauce is so flavorful.  Possibly even more flavorful than the meat.  Previous au jus sauces I've had were somewhat flavorful, but mostly a liquidy mess.  I don't know if I've converted into a prime dip sandwich eater, but Adamson's is one of the better ones I've had, much better than Prime Dip (see post HERE).

The crispy fries were nothing special and I could probably do without it since the sandwich was pretty filling.

Address:                Adamson's French Dip 
                               806 W. El Camino Real
                               Sunnyvale, CA   
Type:                      sandwich

Popular chomps:    prime rib sandwich
                                root beer
Chomp worthy:       prime rib sandwich
                                root beer        

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