Taqueria Pancho Villa

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I've walked by this taqueria dozens of times and noticed lines of people and its never really piqued my interest until now. 

I should have turned around right when I saw the sign that said we use no lard!  Lard is what makes Mexican food tasty!

This taqueria has more aguas fresca flavors than I've seen, too bad the strawberry flavor I ordered was too sweet (from too much sugar) and had hardly any fruit flavor.
The carne asada burrito just lacked that gritty taste (possibly from the lard) I think about when I crave a good burrito.  A step above Chipotle and Papalote (see post HERE), I can see it being a possible option if healthy burrito in a taqueria setting is your thing.

Address:                 Taqueria Pancho Villa
                                3071 16th St.
                                San Francisco, CA 
Type:                       Mexican/taqueria/burrito

Popular chomps:      carne asada burrito
Chomp worthy:         nothing     

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